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Discover the variety of education programs offered by the GRAMMY Museum. Learn about offerings, opportunities, and more.



GRAMMY Camp is a five-day nonresidential summer music industry program for high school students considering a career in music. Held on the campus of USC Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles and Royal Caribbean Entertainment Studio at Florida International University in Miami, students from across the country apply for one of the eight offered career tracks. GRAMMY Camp faculty of music professionals and industry guest professionals provide valuable insight, giving campers the best chance at achieving professional success.





GRAMMY Camp — Weekend is a nonresidential music industry experience for small groups (20-30) of high school students, providing an introduction to the business of music. Each weekend session concentrates on one to three career tracks. Tracks include: Audio Engineering, Electronic Music Production, Songwriting, Video Production, and Vocal Performance. Program participants leave with a better understanding of how the music business works and how they can begin to plan to a successful career path. Additionally, the GRAMMY Museum partners with local teen centers, schools, and community organizations to help identify and select students to attend.





Presented in various cities across the country, GRAMMY Career Day provides high school music students with a behind-the-scenes look into the many careers available in the music industry. From members of the Recording Academy to other music professionals, students interact and learn in an interactive Question & Answer format. With insight gained from the program, these students walk away with skills stemming from K-12 music education that are beneficial in any career they may choose.





The GRAMMY Museum’s after school session provide a six week after school experience taught by industry professionals. Designed to give high school students a greater understanding of specific careers in the music industry. Past programs include Digital Music Production, DJ’ing 101, and Music Photography.




The GRAMMY Museum’s Summer Session is a five-day non-residential program for students who are currently enrolled in High School in the greater Los Angeles and Austin areas (grades 9-12).

Summer Session provides young songwriters and composers the resources necessary to build a solid foundation in songwriting. The skills focused on are also beneficial in workforce development across many careers in, and out of music. It is completely FREE to attend.

This activity is part of a suite of education programs that take place throughout the year which also include six-week long After-School Sessions, the Music Educator Award and GRAMMY Camp.


Grammy Camp Jazz Session

We regretfully announce that GRAMMY Camp–Jazz Session will not take place for the 2020 season.


To those who have participated and supported the program for the past 26 years, we express our sincere appreciation. We strongly encourage students who have aspired to join the GRAMMY Band, Choir, or Combo to find other ways to grow and perform.

Through online research, students will find many resources and opportunities to participate and continue their progression as a musician. There are countless regional and national resources and activities for high school jazz performers offered by other excellent organizations. If you have difficulty finding these on your own, please reach out directly to us and we will do our best to help.

The GRAMMY Jazz program is an expensive program to operate. Although there is no way to know what the future holds, with the help of generous donors, we are hopeful that the program will in time be reinstated, and this will be remembered as a brief hiatus.
Comments and questions can be sent to Julie Mutnansky and/or David Sears.


With the help of your generous support, we can continue to share the gift of music.